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Romans 10 Commentary

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Romans 10:1-4 meaning

Paul reaffirms that he cares about the Israelites’ salvation. And while there is no doubt the Jews are eagerly devoted to God, they do it by their own rules. They ignore God and make up their own way to live life.

Romans 10:5 meaning

Paul now sets forth from Moses’s writing a picture of the kind of righteousness Israel has sought; the righteousness based on law does not lead to true righteousness.

Romans 10:6-8 meaning

Paul uses the words of the Lawgiver Moses to demonstrate that even the law shows that true righteousness does not come by the law, but by faith.

Romans 10:9-11 meaning

Here, Paul restates the lesson of the previous verses, Romans 10:6–8, with a saying in the form of a chiasm.

Romans 10:12-13 meaning

Paul is restating to his audience of believers in Rome that there is no distinction between the Jews and Greeks who believe; God is Lord of both, and anyone who calls upon Him gains riches and salvation.

Romans 10:14-17 meaning

Paul states an obvious point, that we can’t believe something that we have never heard. But it is also the case that we can hear and not believe.

Romans 10:18-21 meaning

Paul is making it very clear that the Jewish people have heard this message of faith but have chosen to reject it.