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Chapter 11

Romans 11 Commentary

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Romans 11:1 meaning

God has not rejected Israel. Paul, both an Israelite and an apostle of Jesus Christ, is evidence that this cannot be true.

Romans 11:2-6 meaning

God has not rejected His chosen people. He foreknew them, He chose them as His blessed nation, so He has not given up on them. God has chosen a new remnant through His own Grace, not because any human deserves it.

Romans 11:7-8 meaning

Israel has sought righteousness through following the Law's rules and has failed to obtain it. Only the remnant that God has chosen have found righteousness (through faith). God has allowed the rest of His chosen people to rebel against Him.

Romans 11:9-12 meaning

Israel has not been cast aside forever. They have sinned, but through their sin God is ushering the Gentiles into salvation. In part, God has done this to make the Israelites jealous, so they would remember their need for Him. Even so, God has worked Israel's transgression to richly benefit the Gentiles, and He will work to restore Israel to Himself. Imagine how much greater that restoration will be. God's sovereignty works the sin of man into blessings for the world and for Israel.

Romans 11:13-16 meaning

When Israel is restored, it will be like a dead body coming back to life. God is a God who redeems and restores.

Romans 11:17-18 meaning

Just because Gentiles have been adopted into God's family does not mean they are superior to the children who have wandered away. Jews have rejected God, and God has taken this opportunity to save Gentiles. Gentiles are no better than the Jews. Jews are no worse than Gentiles. All of humanity needs salvation, all men are sinners.

Romans 11:19-24 meaning

If we let ourselves become arrogant, if we lord over others, God will discipline us. God is in the business of redeeming. He will bring Israel back to Him; therefore Gentiles should not look down on unbelieving Jews.

Romans 11:25-27 meaning

Israel is currently under a temporary disconnection of fellowship with God. Until the time of the Gentiles ends, He will keep Israel set aside from Him. But eventually God will redeem Israel from her sins and bring salvation to her.

Romans 11:28-32 meaning

We are all sinners—Jews and Gentiles. We choose to sin. Gentiles are not better than the Israelites. God has shown mercy to Gentiles, nevertheless, and for now He has set aside His people, who have rejected Him. But that does not mean He has abandoned them. God allows us the freedom of choice, but He also shows us limitless grace and forgiveness.

Romans 11:33-36 meaning

God is God. It is impossible to completely understand Him. He is all powerful and He doesn’t owe anything to anyone. He will keep His covenants. He will continue to pursue those He has called.