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Chapter 14

Romans 14 Commentary

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Romans 14:1-4 meaning

God is our master and king. We should not look to judge one another for differences in religious practices or impose our habits on each other. God is the judge, not us.

Romans 14:5-9 meaning

Christ died and resurrected to be the Lord of our lives. There may be petty differences in how we live, but whatever we do should be for the Lord, rather than ourselves, according to our conscience.

Romans 14:10-12 meaning

We all have to answer to God for the way we've individually lived our lives. If something we do in the freedom Christ gives us is going to harm someone's conscience, it's not worth doing. Don't look down on a believer who has weak faith. We will all be judged by God for the ways we personally failed and succeeded.

Romans 14:13-15 meaning

Christians should not condemn one another over opinions, but instead should live sacrificially and harmoniously with each other.

Romans 14:16-20 meaning

God wants believers to live harmoniously together. One way we accomplish this is by not taking part in things that other believers might see as evil.

Romans 14:21-23 meaning

Christians should not do things that may cause other believers to stumble. If believers cannot do something in faith, then they should not do that thing.