Boaz knows there is a closer relative to Naomi who has first claim to acting as the kinsmen redeemer. Boaz allows him to decline his right before taking Ruth as his wife. Boaz and Ruth marry and have a son as a part of the Davidic line that will eventually lead to the Messiah, Jesus Christ, being born. Boaz will not only be a husband who cares for Ruth, but will also provide for Naomi until she dies.

Ruth 4:1-6

Boaz offers the right of redemption to Naomi’s closer relative who has the right before Boaz to act as a kinsman redeemer.

Ruth 4:7-12

Boaz completed the transaction in front of witnesses and acquired the land and Ruth as his wife.

Ruth 4:13-22

Ruth bore a son named Obed, who would become the grandfather of king David.