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Zechariah 9 Commentary

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Zechariah 9:1-8 meaning

The Suzerain (ruler) God promises to judge the nations surrounding Judah. He will stop them from oppressing His people and find a remnant among them to worship Him. 

Zechariah 9:9-10 meaning

The LORD urges the Judeans to rejoice because the long-awaited righteous king is coming. He will stop all wars and bring peace to the whole world.

Zechariah 9:11-13 meaning

The LORD announces His plan to free Zion’s captives to fulfill His promise to her. He urges them to return home because He will give them a double blessing and use them to defeat Greece.

Zechariah 9:14-17 meaning

Zechariah tells the Judeans that the LORD will defend them, care for them, and restore their fortunes because they are precious to Him.