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Daniel 7 Commentary

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Daniel 7:1-3 meaning

Daniel has a vision of a stormy ocean. Four strange animals rise from the water.

Daniel 7:4-6 meaning

The first beast is like a winged lion, the second is like a bear with ribs in its mouth, the third is like a leopard with four wings and four heads.

Daniel 7:7-8 meaning

The fourth beast has iron teeth and destroys whatever it wants. It has many horns on its head. One horn grows larger than the others and is boastful.

Daniel 7:9-10 meaning

A heavenly courtroom appears. The Eternal God sits on His fiery throne. He prepares to make a judgment.

Daniel 7:11-12 meaning

The boastful horn and its beast are killed by God and burned up. The other beasts lose their dominion, but are allowed to live.

Daniel 7:13-14 meaning

A Son of Man arrives, surrounded by clouds. God gives Him power and glory to rule the earth forever.

Daniel 7:15-18 meaning

Daniel asks for an interpretation of this bizarre vision. An Interpreter tells him the four beasts are four kings on the earth who will fade away. But God's people will receive a forever kingdom.

Daniel 7:19-22 meaning

Daniel asks the Interpreter about the boastful horn who wages a war against God’s people. Daniel sees that God will judge the horn and give the earth to His people.

Daniel 7:23-26 meaning

The Interpreter explains that the boastful horn will challenge God and attack God’s people. He will rule for 3 ½ years before God destroys him.

Daniel 7:27-28 meaning

After destroying the boastful horn, God will give rulership to the Son of Man and His people forever.