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Chapter 27

Exodus 27 Commentary

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Exodus 27:1-8 meaning

God gives instructions on how to build the high altar that would be used for burnt offerings. The account of its construction was recorded in Exodus 38:1 – 7.

Exodus 27:9-19 meaning

The LORD describes how the court (or courtyard) was to be built. It was to surround the tabernacle. It provided a special place where the people of Israel could meet with and worship their LORD. The account of the courtyard's construction was recorded in Exodus 38:9 – 20.

Exodus 27:20-21 meaning

God's focus shifts from the construction of the tabernacle and the courtyard to the responsibilities of the priests in and around the tabernacle. The first task is ensuring that the lamp would burn continually. This requirement is repeated in Leviticus 24:1 – 4.