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Genesis 25 Commentary

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Genesis 25:1-4 meaning

Abraham marries his concubine Keturah. They have six sons. One son, Jokshan, has two sons. One of his sons, Dedan, has three sons. Abraham’s son Midian has five sons.

Genesis 25:5-11 meaning

Isaac inherits all of Abraham’s possessions. Abraham gives gifts to his other sons and sends them east of Canaan to settle away from Isaac. Abraham dies when he is 175 years old. Isaac and Ishmael bury him in the cave of Machpelah where Sarah was buried. Isaac settles near Beer-lahai-roi.

Genesis 25:12-18 meaning

Abraham’s son Ishmael has twelve sons according to God’s promise. Nebaioth was the oldest and Kedemah was the youngest. Ishmael dies at age 137 years old. His descendants settle east of Egypt.

Genesis 25:19-22 meaning

Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah. For a time, they are unable to have children. Isaac prays to God for help, and Rebekah conceives. Rebekah's twins struggle inside her womb, so she asks God why this is.

Genesis 25:23-26 meaning

God answers Rebekah’s inquiry and tells her that the turmoil indicates that her two sons within her will become two nations. The younger son and his nation will be stronger than the older one. When Isaac was 60 years old the twins were born. Esau is the firstborn. Jacob is born second, holding onto his brother's heel.

Genesis 25:27-30 meaning

When they grow up, Esau becomes a skilled hunter, finding favor with his father Isaac. Jacob stays indoors and is favored by his mother Rebekah. After a day of hunting, Esau returns home very hungry and begs Jacob to share a stew he's cooked.

Genesis 25:31-34 meaning

Jacob proposes to Esau that he sell him his birthright in exchange for the stew. Esau is so hungry that he doesn’t care about his birthright, and willingly sells it to Jacob for one meal.