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Hosea 12 Commentary

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Hosea 12:1-6 meaning

Hosea calls Israel and Judah to learn from the life of Jacob to mature from manipulation and deceit, and instead persist in seeking God's blessing. This would allow them to return to the LORD and live righteously according to their covenant with Him, resulting in a community of neighborly love and kindness rather than the fruitless practice of deceit and violence.

Hosea 12:7-11 meaning

The LORD exposes Israel's wickedness, where a pagan culture of deception and violence had taken the place of God's command to love and respect their neighbors. Israel had great materialistic pride, and arrogantly practiced religious worship to God while blatantly disobeying His commands. For their disobedience, God will send His people to exile and destroy their altars because they have failed to listen to His prophets and repent of their wicked ways.

Hosea 12:12-14 meaning

Hosea draws more lessons from the life of Jacob to urge Israel to remember how God has delivered Jacob and his descendants through His prophets. Because Israel fails to listen to God’s warning, he will suffer the consequences of his sins.