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Isaiah 37 Commentary

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Isaiah 37:1-7 meaning

King Hezekiah sends a delegation to Isaiah the prophet for advice and to seek the Lord’s direction during this seemingly hopeless turn of events.

Isaiah 37:8-13 meaning

Now, well into the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem, we will see God begin to orchestrate events that will accomplish His will.

Isaiah 37:14-20 meaning

After receiving a letter meant to induce fear in the hearts of its readers, Hezekiah takes the letter and his supplication to Yahweh at the temple.

Isaiah 37:21-32 meaning

God responds to Hezekiah's petition through Isaiah the son of Amoz

Isaiah 37:33-38 meaning

The Lord declares His intention to save Jerusalem without a battle. The Assyrians suffer a great slaughter at the hand of the angel of the Lord.