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James 1 Commentary

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James 1:1 meaning

James greets his intended recipients, the Jewish believers who are scattered throughout the world.

James 1:2-4 meaning

James challenges believers to rejoice in trials because a tested faith leads to becoming a mature Christian.

James 1:5-8 meaning

James anticipates the possibility that some of his readers may lack the ability to rejoice in a trial, so he offers a remedy based on the character of God. The believer who lacks the faith to rejoice can ask God for the wisdom needed; but this request must be made with a single-minded faith, otherwise there is no reason to expect God to give the wisdom to rejoice in the trial at hand.

James 1:9-11 meaning

Humility, the ability to see reality as it is, is the proper mindset for the believer, whether wealthy or poor.

James 1:12 meaning

Believers who suffer well through trials will receive a future blessing from God. These blessings will far exceed any blessing we can gain from the world.

James 1:13-15 meaning

The steps to failure in the life of a believer start with evil desire and end in death.

James 1:16-18 meaning

James concludes his emphasis on suffering well, remaining humble, and overcoming temptation by directing his readers to the nature of God.

James 1:19-21 meaning

Believers are delivered from spiritual downfall by rejecting evil and receiving the implanted word to grow in the righteousness of God.

James 1:22-25 meaning

Those who live the word they hear will be blessed in their doing.

James 1:26-27 meaning

Pure religion, a life focused on pleasing God, is objectively identifiable and genuinely valuable.