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Job 2 Commentary

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Job 2:1-3 meaning

God Rebukes Satan: Satan appears before God's throne again. God speaks of Job's continued righteousness, despite the loss of his children and wealth due to Satan's actions. This proves that Job trusts in God, and is not swayed by circumstance.

Job 2:4-6 meaning

Satan Alters His Accusation: Satan asks God for permission to harm Job's body, saying that the suffering of physical pain will cause Job to turn from God. God allows this, forbidding Satan from killing Job. 

Job 2:7-10 meaning

Job Perseveres through Physical Pain: Satan afflicts Job's body with boils from his head to his feet. Job sits in ashes scratching his sores with broken pottery. His wife asks him why he won't blame God and succumb to his illness by dying. Job rebukes her as speaking foolishly, and accepts the good and the difficulties God allows into his life.

Job 2:11-13 meaning

Job's Visitors: Three of Job's friends—Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar—come to visit him in his suffering, hoping to comfort him. They do not even recognize Job when they first see him, due to the boils all over his body. Each man tears his clothing and throws dust, weeping and mourning their friend's condition. They sit with him for a week silently waiting for him to speak. They see Job is in severe pain.