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Romans 15 Commentary

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Romans 15:1-3 meaning

Living harmoniously by faith means strong believers helping weaker believers. We should not live in a self-centered way but should help fellow believers build their faith and their relationship with God. Christ is the perfect example of this selflessness. 

Romans 15:4-6 meaning

The Bible (Scripture) was written down so that we would be able to learn from it. The Bible encourages us to persevere in faith, which gives us hope. One reason God gave us the Scriptures is to provide hope. Paul's hope is that God would also give us unity so that we may glorify Him.

Romans 15:7-11 meaning

Christ made us acceptable in the presence of God, though we did not deserve it. In light of this, we should accept one another as we are, Gentile or Jew. Christ came to earth to be a servant to the Israelites, to prove that God keeps His promises to His people, and to bring salvation to the Gentiles. There are many Old Testament prophecies that tell of the Gentiles praising God.

Romans 15:12-13 meaning

Paul shows that Isaiah predicted/prophesied that Jesus would be a descendant of Jesse and would become the ruler of the Gentiles and bring hope to them. Paul offers a blessing, asking that God would give peace to Christians and that we would hope in the power of the Spirit.

Romans 15:14-16 meaning

The Roman believers' faith was already famous throughout the world and Paul knew they were living righteously by their reputation. He explains that he wrote this letter to make sure they would continue to pursue God through faith, not religious rules, and he defends his role as a minister to Gentiles. His gospel is God's gospel, and his teaching is meant to sanctify the Gentiles.

Romans 15:17-19 meaning

God commissioned Paul to take the gospel to the Gentiles, and now many Gentiles are obeying God. Paul says this is a reason to boast in what Christ has accomplished through Paul, in Gentile obedience as well as in signs and wonders which the Spirit has worked through Paul's ministry.

Romans 15:20-22 meaning

Paul prioritized his travel so that he could preach the gospel to those who did not know Christ. He again explains that he had not visited the believers in Rome because he had been preaching the gospel to those who had not heard the gospel.

Romans 15:23-24 meaning

Paul saw that his ministry was complete in the region from Jerusalem east to Illyricum (modern Croatia) and he made plans to visit the believers in Rome, as he traveled west to Spain.

Romans 15:25-27 meaning

Paul is not planning to travel to Spain by way of Rome immediately; first, he will make a trip to Jerusalem to deliver a contribution to the poor believers there. The contribution was voluntary, and yet the Gentiles are indebted to the Jews due to their shared spiritual blessings in Christ.

Romans 15:28-29 meaning

Paul says again that he plans to go to Spain by way of Rome.

Romans 15:30-33 meaning

Paul requests prayer from the Roman believers and says that if his prayers are answered he will be able to come to them with joy and find rest.