Exodus 36 Commentary

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Exodus 36:1-7

Bezalel & Oholiab started to work on the construction of the tabernacle, and all the while the people continued to bring their contributions. They brought so much material to Moses that he finally had to urge the people not to bring any more.

Exodus 36:8-13

The tabernacle construction begins. In these verses, the curtains were created by the skilled artisan Bezalel.

Exodus 36:14-19

The roof curtains of the tabernacle were made a specific size along with loops and clasps. A covering for the tabernacle was also made.

Exodus 36:20-30

The boards for the walls of the tabernacle are built.

Exodus 36:31-34

The cross bars used in the tabernacle are built.

Exodus 36:35-38

The veil for the tabernacle was made. This veil was what separated the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place inside the tabernacle.