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Numbers 10:11-13

At last, it was time for the Israelites to leave Sinai and begin their journey to the land of Canaan. The signal for them to move out was the movement of the cloud from its place over the tabernacle.

Numbers 10:1-10

The final preparation for leaving Sinai was to institute the blowing of two silver trumpets. They were to be used to gather the people together and to signal the time for the Israelites to begin the next step of their journey and when to prepare for war.

Mark 1:9-11

Jesus arrives from Galilee to be baptized; the Holy Spirit descends on Him and the Father approves. The Spirit’s descent is visible evidence that Jesus was equipped to fulfill His role to baptize with the Holy Spirit. Having all three Persons of the Godhead present underscores the significance of this commissioning event.

Numbers 9:15-23

Now that the tabernacle was completed, the LORD entered the tabernacle. He appeared as a cloud during the day and as fire during the night. When the cloud lifted from the tabernacle, the camp would move to the next destination. When the cloud rested on the tabernacle, they camped until the cloud lifted again.

Numbers 9:14

The last principle concerning the Passover was that of a non-Israelite participating in the celebration. The LORD declared that they could observe the Passover according to the same rules that governed the Israelites’ celebration.

Numbers 9:9-13

The issue was that certain men had handled a dead body (making them unclean) and thus were disqualified from celebrating Passover, thus violating the LORD’s command. The answer was that the men in this situation could indeed celebrate the Passover.

Numbers 9:6-8

In verses 6 – 8, an issue arose when Moses commanded the people to celebrate the Passover. There were men who had handled a dead body and thus were prohibited from observing the Passover. They confronted Moses with this problem, and Moses told them that he would ask the LORD what was to be done.

Numbers 9:1-5

Following the consecration of the Levites in chapter 8, the LORD then gave more instructions about the Passover. Verses 1 – 5 are concerned with the celebration of the second Passover.

Acts 8:36-40

The eunuch asks to be baptized in water on the side of the road. Philip asks if he believes in Jesus, and the eunuch confesses his faith. Philip baptizes him, and immediately afterward he is transported supernaturally by the Holy Spirit to the city of Azotus. The eunuch rejoices for his new faith and new life. Philip journeys to Caesarea, preaching along the way.

Acts 8:26-35

An angel tells Philip to start a journey toward Gaza. On the way, Philip encounters an African eunuch, an official in the court of a Queen. The eunuch is reading a prophecy from Isaiah about the suffering servant, but he doesn’t understand who the prophecy is about. Philip explains that the prophecy is about Jesus’s death for the sins of the world.